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Welcome to the purr-fect realm of digital finance! As your trusted guide, we whisker you into a whimsical world where finance meets feline fun.

Dive into a tail-wagging era of currency, where our innovative platform ensures your journey is as delightful as a kitten's playful leap. Join us and let's paw-sper together!

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Whether you're into DeFi, gaming, NFTs, or anything else, Furrever Token has something just for you. Our mission is to add excitement to the crypto world. Enjoy fun games, explore unique NFT collections, and discover DeFi opportunities on the Furrever Token platform.

Infused with the strength of the mighty lion, yet as nimble as a cat's leap.
Furrever Tokenomics
  • $FURR
  • 65%
  • 25%
  • 10%
    Team (Locked 1 Year)
Furrever Media
  • @FurreverToken
Phase 1
  • Launch Website
  • Launch Socials
  • Launch Presale Stage 1
  • Start Marketing
Phase 2
  • Grow Telegram and Twitter Members
  • Continue Marketing Campaign
  • Start appointing Community Managers
  • Reach Stage 3 of Presale
Phase 3
  • Pass Stage 8 of Presale
  • Have over 10,000 Social Media Members
  • Push Marketing Campaign for pre launch push
  • Start collecting information for Token Allocation
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